Big Announcement: See You On The Other Side!


I’ve got business books and baby names on the brain…but not blogging.

Hi Everyone,

The hardest part of moving forward in life is having to constantly say goodbye to things you love, even if temporarily.

Here’s the bittersweet news: I am taking an extended maternity leave from A Brave Life, and I won’t return until this fall. That’s about six whole months without each other.

Now, now…don’t be upset.

Okay, fine…maybe I’m the one who’s upset.


As most of you know, I’m preparing to pop out TWO amazing things in just three months: a baby and a small business.

Waaaiiit a minute. No couple is foolish enough to intentionally put themselves in such a position. Right?

Well, I wish we could blame the bad timing on a happy accident. But actually, conceiving our little womb tenant back in September of last year is what set our sights on a home-based, family-run business– one that would make the specific vision we have for our family a real possibility. We got pregnant on our first try, then immediately began brainstorming for business ideas.

The result? We’ve got a business name in mind but still no baby name. We’re open to suggestions.


And now, here we are: chasing our dreams and crapping our pants. Sadly, it leaves no room to blog regularly.

This was not an easy decision to make, and originally, Brian wasn’t in support of it. He urged me to keep pushing forward out of principle, to not drop the ball, to make ABL happen even if it felt hard.

It was a nice sentiment– one that could only come from someone who loves me, and who knows how much I love this site and all who join me here.

I explained to Brian that my decision to take a break isn’t based on a fear of hard work, or poor time management on my part. As you may remember, I experimented with a reduced number of articles and newsletters over the last several months (and now you know why). In doing this, I realized that I could certainly be a breadwinner, a first-time mom, a writer, and a newbie entrepreneur if I really wanted to.

But could anyone do all those things at the same time and honestly say they are doing each one well? And with joy?

And if one or more of those things were to suffer in quality as a result of my being spread thin, which would it be? Which could I afford for it to be?

I cannot redo the precious moments of first time motherhood. I cannot redo the foundation-building and launch of a new company. I can’t have firsts back. So I’m putting everything but baby and business aside for now.

Goodbye is not always about giving up. Sometimes it’s about growing up. As children we dream of life’s possibilities, but as adults, we must prioritize and make tough sacrifices in order for a select few dreams to come true.

Fortunately, each particular sacrifice only lasts a season. Which means that I’ll return to this site when the time is right. And when I do, I’ll have lots of new thoughts and wacky photos to share with you.

Besides, I could never permanently abandon A Brave Life, even if I tried. Bad things happen when I have no outlet for my weirdness. Where else can I post something like this on a whim?


So how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to something you love? Say it when it’s the only way to give a proper hello to something good, necessary and healthy.

Wish me luck, guys! See you on the other side!


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3 Responses to Big Announcement: See You On The Other Side!

  1. Michel says:

    Good luck with or without BALLS

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the laughs & the tears. Wishing you the very best of luck with the baby & the business!

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