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I am a professionally trained and experienced counselor, specializing in online counseling and consulting with individuals who have experienced a painful loss– particularly a break-up or death.

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Through Skype (web cam) counseling, telephone counseling, and e-mail consultation, support is available to you no matter your location.

Contact me at [email protected] to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can you help me?

During our time together you can expect:

  • tools for managing depression, reducing anxiety, and resolving guilt or anger.
  • a healthy outlet for your thoughts, and an overall sense of relief.
  • comforting and powerful insights from a trained and experienced counselor.
  • greater clarity about your goals for this challenging time in your life, as well as practical strategies for achieving them.

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What are your qualifications?

I am a professionally trained and experienced counselor specializing in loss.

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On a personal note, several years ago I experienced a traumatizing loss (a break-up) and subsequent depression that sent me on a search for meaning. This crisis redefined me. It inspired me to make major changes in all areas of my life, including a career change into the world of psychotherapy, with a specialization in bereavement counseling.

So if there’s a counselor out there who understands where you’ve been and where you’d like to go, it’s me. Your desire to ease the pain, survive the storm, and be braver and stronger as a result of it all is one that I can relate to.

Which is the best fit for me – Skype (web cam) counseling, telephone counseling, or e-mail consultation?

It all depends on your needs, your personal preference, and your budget.

Skype Counseling offers benefits identical to those you would experience in traditional face-to-face counseling.

E-mail consultation is an affordable option for people seeking quick advice or information.

Telephone counseling is ideal for those who would like to experience the benefits of counseling, but who either don’t have access to a computer, or do not wish to use Skype.

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Who should NOT
consider your online counseling?

If you are suffering from serious chronic mental illness and would like professional help, please consider face-to-face counseling. To find a local therapist in your area, click here.

If you are in danger of harming yourself or others, please know that you are not alone and that help is available. Here is a list of things you can do:

  • Call a trusted friend or family member and tell them what’s going on.
  • Call 911 and tell the operator that you are having suicidal or homicidal thoughts.
  • Call one of the following Suicide Hotlines:

1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)

1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

6 Responses to counseling & consultation services

  1. Shagufta Tahsildar says:

    The problem with me here is that i have never got good teachers in my school life neither in my college life. Every teacher i get just insults me and discourages me in whatever i do.i try to do the best possible by me but still every teacher discourages me by saying i cannot do anything and i am the worst student. However i score very good marks in the exams but still every teacher discourages me.i dint pay attention to all this my school life. But now it is irritating me and making me weak in my studies. Please help.

    • Kimberly says:

      Hi, Shagufta. So sorry to hear about your experiences with insulting and discouraging teachers. They should be doing quite the opposite– inspiring, supporting, and encouraging you so that you can reach your full potential.

      There will always be people who intentionally (or unintentionally) bring you down. If you rely on them to define who you are as a student, you will become who they assume you are. But if you cling to the Truth– that you are a willing student with lots of potential– and if you allow this Truth to speak louder than their insults, you will succeed. Remember, you cannot change how others think of you, but you can change which voices you listen to. The ones you listen to are the ones that hold power over you. Choose wisely, because this will make all the difference in life. Best of luck!

  2. Haydee Paez says:

    Hi Kim, I am inspired by your resolution and creativity. You are indeed a brave woman! Congratulations for the well done job!

  3. Nica says:

    I like your site Kim. Great job girl!

    • Kimberly says:

      Thank you, Nica! It helps to have a tech-savvy animator/ designer as a husband to do all of the manual labor for the site. :)

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