Here From The Fearful Adventurer?


You might be here because you were browsing a blog called The Fearful Adventurer, in which Torre DeRoche (fellow ball grower!) referred to me as an  irreverent, offbeat, and unexpectedly hilarious therapist and bereavement counselor. I guess that’s what happens when you write a story about your vagina, and enter said story in her writing competition.

If you think that’s weird,  how weird is Torre DeRoche for selecting my vagina-themed essay as 1 of 5 “notable” entries in a competition against 72 non-vagina related essays? SHE’S the wacky one, not me! ;)


I’m at work today, which means I’m doing the serious work of NOT being irreverant, offbeat, or vagina-focused as I support grieving families. But I snuck out for sec, just to welcome any new visitors and give you links to some of my favorite articles from the archives:

This Is What It Feels Like To Chase Your Dreams

Confidence: The Key To Hot Chicks, Cool Jobs, And Your Heart’s Desire

Letter To Ikea From The Very Worst Minimalist: Downsizing = Upgrading

ABL’s Origin Story: The Sh*t Storm That Saved My Life

Surviving The O-J Friendship Dilemma

Lessons From My Pen Pal On Death Row

Lessons Learned From Paying Off 28k In Credit Card Debt– Part 2

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Thanks for stopping by!

PS. I’m off duty tomorrow. (It’s Independence Day here in the US.) Let’s meet back here on Monday, k?

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3 Responses to Here From The Fearful Adventurer?

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  2. Torre says:

    I’ve just spent the last two hours reading various posts on your blog. I’m so in love with you, your voice, your outlook. And then I discovered that you’re an INFP, like me, and now I’m wondering if I’m simply falling in love with my own reflection? Oh well… I’m off to read more.

    • Kimberly says:

      Yay, Team INFP! Speaking of being in love with your own reflection, Srini told me about your competition a while back but I wasn’t sure if I’d join because I was so busy at the time. But then I heard your interview on Blogcast FM, loved your personality a ton, found your pro-balls site, and fell in love with you some more. Looking forward to digging into your archives (and the BOOK!!).

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