The Forgotten Skill of All Great Leaders

tumblr_m1kv7gon1Z1qkzxm1o1_500This past Monday was President’s Day here in the United States– a day when people who work in schools, banks, post offices, and government offices get to stay home in their pajamas while everyone else temporarily feels like they chose the wrong career.

The day reminds of me of the nature of great leaders. They have what we all want: self respect, and the respect of others.

Technically, you’re a leader too. But whether you’re a good one or not is the question.

You might be a leader at your job, in your family, or in a social club of some kind. But if none of these apply, you are, at the very least, the leader of your own life. You are the master of your ship. Which means that if your life is out of order and you feel like crap, you had better call a meeting with the boss: you.
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Take Me or Leave Me

This is my nose. Take me or leave me.

Not getting a nose job. Deal with it.

There are times when you have nothing left to give.

You did your best: you were flexible, you made sacrifices, held your tongue, bent over backwards, and did whatever it took to please.

Listen, I know why you did it.

You cared. But also, you were afraid. Afraid of being disliked, blamed, abandoned, misunderstood, or seen as the bad guy. The consequences were too great.

But there comes a time when there is nothing left that can be done, or at least not without a price. If you sacrifice any more of yourself to meet their expectations, you’ll lose a lot more than someone’s favor; you’ll sacrifice the light of your spirit, the joys of your lifestyle, the essence of you.
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It’s Not Too Late to Learn How to…[INSERT SKILL HERE!]


Creepy girl from The Ring learns how to play baseball!

Creepy girl from The Ring learns how to play baseball!

In elementary school I chose not to speak.

Not even when I needed to ask to use the bathroom.

So I peed in my pants during math class. I did it another time too, during history class. Both times, peeing seemed more appealing than speaking up in front of a group.

(And you thought you were shy as a kid.)

But this classic introvert leads a double life. Here in adulthood, I’m kind of a public speaking goddess.
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You Never Know How You’ll Feel Until You Get There


Everyone, meet Beige.

Beige (brown mother + pale father = beige baby) is the nickname we’ve given the tiny human I’ve been growing since September.

For a few years now, Brian and I have been considering adoption, which is still the case. But everyone who experiences pregnancy and childbirth says that from the good, to the bad, to the weird, “There’s nothing else like it”. So I wanted to try it, at least once, as it’s such a uniquely feminine experience. (Unless you’re a seahorse. Because God is quirky like that.)

People can’t help but imagine how they’ll feel when or if a major change occurs in their life. Sometimes we think in extremes, assuming we’ll be happy if “X” happens and miserable if “Y” does. We put so much trust into mere guesses. But really, you never know how things will make you feel until you get there.
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